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Biography of Elder Howwin Carter, Jr., Pastor

Pastor Howwin Carter

      Elder Howwin Carter, Jr., was born May 9, 1959, in Washington, D.C. to Howwin Carter, Sr. and the late Mattie M. Anderson. He is the youngest of four children, two brothers and one sister. During his early childhood years, Howwin Carter Jr., learned the benefits and virtues of living a dedicated life and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elder Carter was educated in D.C. Public Schools. He has also studied at Wilbur H. Walters School of Religion & Seminary and The Apostolate Christian College (ACC); both located in Washington, D.C. In 1986, while at the Gospel Ark Temple Bibleway Church, under the leadership of the late Bishop John Lamb, Howwin Carter received the gift of the Holy Ghost. In 1987, he began fellowship with the Way of the Cross Church of Christ, Int. under the leadership of Bishop Alfonzo D. Brooks, where he remained for thirteen (13) years.
In 1989, Elder Carter married his lifetime friend Yvonne Desper who loved working for the Lord as much as he did.

In August 1999, Bishop A.D. Brooks officially installed Elder Carter as Pastor of the Agape 1 Church of Christ where he continues to serve faithfully until this day.

Elder Carter comes from a long bloodline of preachers, and Pastors. Over the years from childhood to manhood, Elder Carter knew he was called to preach the Gospel. He acknowledged his calling in 1991, delivering his first message titled “Faith, Either you have it or you don’t!” Hebrew 11:1.

Elder Howwin Carter has participated in many multiples outreach ministries such as Prisons, Convalescent Homes, Homeless, Hospitals, and Street Ministries, etc. He also served as the Visitation Minister for the Way of the Cross Church of Christ for many years. Along with his wife and family, they labored for five (5) years in ministry with the Tower of Power Praise Temple under the leadership of Elder Johnny L. Desper.

This full time Worker, Entrepreneur, Father, Husband, Preacher, Teacher, and now Pastor of eleven (11) years at the Agape 1 Church of Christ, Elder Carter is still on FIRE and BURNING with desire to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Spirit of God has blessed Elder Carter with many skills and talents to strengthen his widespread ministry in saving Souls. His message is that of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “The Kingdom of God is At-Hand.”

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